Sri Lanka President signing Indian Victory note for Mr Harinder Sikka

Calling Sehmat - Book Release


Calling Sehmat - Book Release

Calling Sehmat - Book Release

Calling Sehmat - Book Release

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Dr Kalam met our children at his home, the President HouseDr Kalam met our children at his home, the President House
Saturday, 15 August 2015||
Dr Kalam met our children at his home, the President House. The kids came call...
Nanak Shah FakirNanak Shah Fakir
Saturday, 20 June 2015||
 Nanak Shah Fakir isn’t a movie- it’s an experience. I am no re...
Tuesday, 09 April 2013||
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Dr Kalam met our children at his home, the President House
Written by admin   
Saturday, 15 August 2015

Dr Kalam met our children at his home, the President House. The kids came calling on him from far flung village. It was yet another occasion for me to take a lesson on humility from the legend. Kalam Sahab fine tuned their lunch menu AND sweet dishes, including choicest pastries that the kids carried along for their long return journey from their uncle (very thoughtful).


He told me,"Mr Sikka, not too long ago, I was like them, poor and hungry. I had dreams, I still have. And I am sure they have bigger ones. Who knows, there may be a President, a Prime Minister or a researcher amongst them".
He went on to PERSONALLY host luncheon for the kids, talked to them one by one as a friend and shook hands with everyone. There was no high chair, no caste, creed or religion between them. There was but the humanity and blessings of a noble soul pouring through in abundance. I could see true happiness in his eyes.

Friends, If you agree with me, let's join hands and request the Government that henceforth Dr Kalam's birthday should be celebrated as
'The Children's Day'.

Nanak Shah Fakir
Written by harindersikka   
Saturday, 20 June 2015



Nanak Shah Fakir isn’t a movie- it’s an experience. I am no reviewer who would review a movie upon quality of direction or the camera stills or dialogue delivery. I, for one, would look at it from the angle of what the movie has given me. Though I have been brought up in a family of highly religious background, me and my siblings, have been so engrossed in the rat race of building our careers, that reading religious scriptures and understand ‘religions’ did'nt even occur to me, I don’t know about others. With high rise technology-driven pieces of distraction within our reach, I have never bothered to ‘read’.
With films like Nanak Shah Fakir being made when I am still young, I am grateful that someone took the initiative. I feel drawn closer to Almighty and understand what ‘shaksiyat’ Guru Nanak Dev Ji had. One movie cannot imbibe in itself, ALL that happened in Guruji’s life-in any saint’s life, for that matter, but it is, for sure, a great attempt and has it itself a large part of learning that we all, as humans need to learn, in this journey of ours, called life.
I am not writing this because I am a Sikh, or because Guruji laid the foundation of the Religion that I belong to-I am pouring my heart out due to the ‘humanistic’ aspect that the film is based upon. It is not about being Sikhs or Hindus or Muslims or Christians, it’s about being good human beings first.
These days we see a lot of ‘humanity’ going around on social media, especially facebook, where people post pictures of men marrying victims of acid attacks, or people adopting stray dogs or doing other ‘human’ acts. This is actually what the film tries to depict-humanity. Becoming good humans is what Guruji taught us. Kirat Karo, Vand Chhako and Naam Jappo, is what Guruji has taught us, which means work hard, pray and distribute or daan.
This film is the one that every human being should watch. This film does not depict religionism, it depicts humanity, the need of the hour.


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THE book is indeed titled correctly. It' a betrayal-right from the word go. Firstly. Mr Vishnu Bhag­wat addreses himself as an Admi­ral. a title he can no longer use after the sacking as per the Supreme Court direc­tive. The venom spewing 400-paged book. not entirely based on truth.

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